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Can Acrylic nails cause Nail Fungi?

I often get asked if Acrylic Nails are the reason for Nail Fungi and can they cause nail fungus. The Short answer is simply yes and no. In this article, I will explain how nail fungus is contracted and how to treat it, and clarify many myths about this subject.

If moisture gets trapped under the acrylic it could be a perfect breeding ground for nail fungi. So yes Acrylic can cause Nail fungi to grow, but if you take care of your Acrylics and keep them sealed and re-applied when they start to lift, you will be free of any infections.

Acrylic causing nail fungus
Acrylic Nails & Nail Fungi.

There are certain things to look out for. Fungal Infections are more common with nails that are left on for 10 weeks or longer. Infections also occur when your nail technician reglue the artificial nail without cleaning the gap.

Watch out for water entering the back of the nail. Trapped water will cause infection. Read more here on what Healthline has to say.

Can I apply Acrylic over a nail infection?

Because nail fungus is often unsightly and embarrassing, many clients opt to cover it up with acrylic nails which is not the wisest option. This is a temporary fix that will cause even bigger problems.

The moisture that is locked into the nail by the trapping of the acrylic is causing this nail to stay wet and your nail will not be able to breathe. When the fungus is on the toe, this trapping can also be worsened by tight socks or shoes.

Acrylic nails don’t allow anything to air out, and if any moisture is trapped under the nail, fungi can spread. If you have a history of nail fungus, it may be a good idea to stay away from acrylic nails altogether.

If you are uncertain of which type of nail to apply, you can read more on the types of nails you can opt for.

How do I treat nail fungus if I wear acrylics?

  1. The first thing you should do is completely remove the acrylic nail. Make sure your nail tech sterilizes all the equipment well before and after use.

2. Sterilize all your surroundings, shoes, socks, etc. If the fungus is on the toenail make sure to place your shoes in the sun during the day.

3. Apply the Elim Spa Sanitizer to the hands as often as possible during the day.

4. Apply Elim Fungal Force 2-3 times a day on a clean nail bed or under the nail if this is the infected area.

5. Do not apply gel or varnish to the nail.

6. If the fungus is on the toenail, you can add a small amount of Spa Additive to a bowl that you can comfortably stand in and place in the shower while taking a shower. This is an anti-bacterial treatment for feet that will help with the infection. We give you an illustration of the shower with the bowl here.

Elim Spa Sanitizer in the shower for foot and nail fungus.
Standing in your Spa Additive.

7. Use the Elim Illuminating Nail Cleanser that contains peroxide to clean the nail. Ensure you sterilize your nailbrush after use.

Ready to get rid of your Nail Fungus? Invest in the Elim Anti-Fungal Kit now.

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