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Heel calluses are thickened skin tissue, normally caused by repetitive friction of shoes or foot files. They’re your skin’s attempt to protect itself. In very sensitive areas you will at first see a blister and then the body will start producing layers of skin to protect. You can think of the effects of a foot file similar to a tight shoe. Where there is friction the brain will send a message of trauma and the skin will react by forming a thicker layer of skin. The more you file the worse the problem gets. You usually find them under the heel. This is also the area that carries your weight and calluses will often form in the area of the heel where you find balance. This is why we often see someone might have calluses on the side of their feet and another person has them only on the heel.

Elim Spa Products MediHeel Cracked Heels Treatment
Elim Spa Products MediHeel Cracked Heels Treatment
Elim Spa Products MediHeel Cracked Heels Treatment

At Elim we avoid the use of harsh files and gently remove the skin with a callus removal tonic. This is a chemical that breaks up the bonds on your dead skin cells and it can then be removed with a small plastic scraper. The skin is then neutralized with a pH neutralizer which keeps the feet in peak condition. It is always recommended to use a heel balm after the peel. Use the Elim Foot Perfector. A non- slip balm that nourish and protect your feet


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