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Discoloured Nails


Discoloured nails can be caused by nicotine from smoking, eating colourful foods with your hands or even prolonged use of varnish without giving your nails a break. The most common causes of yellow toenails and fingernails is actually age, the color, thickness and shape of nails change. A dark yellow, black or green discolouration can mean a fungal infection and should be treated with appropriate products. See our section on Nail Fungi.

The Elim MediHand Illuminating Nail Cleanser is a nail whitener that brightens your nails for a natural french manicured look. It is aimed at achieving younger looking hands and nails through a new modern approach. The ingredients listing includes Vit C and natures very own nail whitener, Papain enzymes. Just like applying toothpaste to a toothbrush, you can now apply your Illuminating Nail Cleanser to your nailbrush and give your nails a daily scrub for cleaner, healthier and stronger nails. Your brush included in the box.


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