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Elim Spa Products BodyScience


The BodyScience System is a dramatic approach to increase skin elasticity and slow down ageing. The range is also infused with anti-inflammatory agents which makes it ideal for dry, dehydrated or sunburned skin.

Pregnancy skin care is vital to reduce the harmful effects of stretch marks. Elim’s unique soap-free approach guarantees results and increases the skin’s ability to stretch specifically during pregnancy and puberty.

Exfoliate daily and apply the Dry Argan Oil, as well as use the Restorative Body Cream at night.

Stretch Mark Combo

Restorative Cream & Body Polish Combo

During your first and second trimester of pregnancy your skin needs extra elasticity, which is why we created the Restorative Body Cream and Exfoliating Body Polish to help. These products prevent any stretch marks from forming and keep the skin silky smooth and protected.

Also suitable for teens to prevent stretch marks.

Elim Spa Products BodyScience Exfoliating Body Polish 200ml

Exfoliating Body Polish with a Shimmer

Elim’s Exfoliating Body Polish – with eco friendly pearls – gently removes dead skin cells resulting in invigorated and smooth skin. We also added a bit of a shimmer for that glamorous, glowing look, as well as a blend of natural oils to hydrate the skin.


Elim Spa Products BodyScience Restorative Body Cream 200ml

Restorative Body Cream

A rich, indulgent cream that restores the body and firms the skin simultaneously. Your Restorative Body Cream will not only protect your skin from environmental pollution, but the plant extracts and bio-minerals within will also firm your skin. This product is an excellent moisturizer and contains powerful anti-inflammatory action. Although it is aimed at Pregnant clients, we recommend the use of the Restorative Body Cream to growing teenagers and clients with extremely dry skin as well.

Have a look at our Restorative Body Cream And Body Polish Combo for a discount!

Elim Spa Products BodyScience Argan Body Gloss A Dry Body Oil Spray 100ml

Argan Body Gloss – A Hydrating Oil Spray

The BodyScience Argan Body Gloss is a fast-absorbing, dry oil spray for instant hydration which leaves the skin velvety smooth and radiant. It contains Vitamin E – an antioxidant which protects the skin against free radicals, nutritional Argan oil that increases elasticity and fights skin allergies, as well as Calendula, Rose, Arnica and other luxurious oils. This product is safe to use on your face and body.

Looking for more radiance? Have a look at our Gold Spritz that provides a luxurious body shimmer.

Elim Spa Products BodyScience Restorative Tattoo Cream 200ml

Restorative Tattoo Cream To Prevent Fading

We developed the Elim BodyScience Restorative Cream to care for your tattoo and save you an ink touch-up in a few years time.

This product is a rich, indulgent cream that restores the body and firms the skin simultaneously. Not only will it protect your skin from environmental pollution, but plant extracts and bio-minerals also firm your skin. The Restorative Body Cream is an excellent moisturiser and contains powerful anti-inflammatory action. Finally a professional product that helps preserve your ink through conditioning, protecting, strengthening, nourishing, healing, and cleansing your skin.

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