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Cuticle Care

Hard or bleeding cuticles can be very painful and is often caused by someone who bites their nails or pick on cuticles. It is also caused by cutting cuticles with a blade. When this is done, the cuticle will create a regrowth that is harder to protect itself. The cuticle has an important role. It is there to seal the nail bed off from bacterial and fungal infections. Cut the cuticle and expose it, and you are open for those fungal infections.

Elim Spa Products MediHand Cuticle Care

To remove unwanted cuticles we recommend the use of the Elim Cuticle Remover.  Simply apply it to the cuticle, wait a minute and then gently remove the cuticle with an orange stick or cotton wool. You can now gently push the cuticle back if there is still residue.
After removal you should continually nourish, feed, heal and protect your cuticles.  We developed a one of a kind Cuticle Oil with 10 different oils, each with their own benefit.
The heart of the formulation is Coconut Oil, which is also a natural SPF for the Nail and Cuticle and protects against bacteria and fungi. The ingredients include Coconut Oil, Vit E, Citrus Oil, Moriches Oil, Soybean oil and Calendula Oil, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Arnica Oil and finally Tiare Flower Extract. Packed with ingredients to heal, nourish, feed and protect you.


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