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Discover Elim’s range of Foot Care products and skin programme that help treat dry and damaged heels and feet. Our Foot Care products have been formulated to heal and prevent Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels, Fungal Infections, Foot Odour and dehydration.

If we give our feet the care we give our faces, we will all have perfectly beautiful feet. Yes they are hidden most of the time and we often forget them until we have to wear open shoes and then it is often damage control. Beautiful heels and attractive feet come with daily Foot Care. 

Why do my heels crack?


There are a few things we need to avoid and a few we need to add. First we have to understand why heels dry and crack or why a callus will form. If you think of the effect a tight shoe that causes friction on the skin has you will understand that a foot file has a very similar effect.

When we wear tight or sometimes new uncomfortable shoes, there is tremendous friction on the skin and our bodies protect itself by forming excess skin. That is why a callus will form where the shoe damaged your skin. The same thing happens when we continuously file the foot. The solution…. Simply stop the filing and blading and opt for a chemical peel like the MediHeel Callus Softener.

Apply cream with the correct nutrients to feed and nourish the skin daily. The Elim Foot Perfector contains everything from Honey to Vit A and B5 to deeply nourish your heels and with the revolutionary powder gel technology, we created a heel balm that dries quickly on the foot because we know how much you hate slipping in your shoes when applying heel balm.

Finally, some personal advice. Keep our Elim Pumice Sponge in the shower and gently remove the dead skin every night. When you get out of the shower or bath, don’t simply step on a towel to dry the feet, rub the bottom of your feet as if you are exfoliating it, especially the heel area, making sure you remove the softened skin. Once a month go for your favorite MediHeel Pedicure.


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