Foot Odour


Bromodosis, or smelly feet, is a very common medical condition. It's due to a buildup of sweat, which results  in a bacterial growth on the skin. Even the most fastidiously clean people can suffer from foot odour. Did you know that each of your feet has 250,000 sweat glands and produces about a cup of sweat daily. This perspiration, combined with bacteria, can cause the offensive foot odour. The bacteria that grow on the soles of feet actually produce gases similar to those released by bacteria used in producing cheese; hence the name ‘cheesy feet’.



Sanitizing your feet on a regular basis with a high alcohol content sanitizer is important. Killing the bacterial you can start by using a good Alpha Hydroxy Acid Foot Exfoliator. This can be done in the shower or in the bath.  The Spa additive can be added to a foot bowl you place in your shower. Let the water run and stand in the bowl while taking your shower. The Spa additive contains strong anti-bacterial agents that will fight foot odour.  Ensure that you also sanitize shoes and expose them to the sun to dry out.

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MediHeel Spa Additive

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With Tea Tree, Niaouli and Rosemary Oil this antifungal foot soak was designed to specifically target bacterial causing foot odour. This super additive not only cleanses the feet and nails but is a natural antiseptic that fights fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and feet. The Elim Spa Additive increases blood circulation and eases puffiness and swelling. Clear salt crystals and Bicarb of Soda acts as a carrier and a neutralizer for the feet.

MediHeel Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant

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The AHA Foot Exfoliant forms part of the Elim MediHeel Pedicure System. A combination of Glycolic & Lactic Acids that peels & exfoliate with natural Jojoba Oil Beads and Cellulose. The formula is packed with hydration actives, leaving feet and lower legs soft and smooth in appearance.

Elim Spa Sanitizer

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Elim Spa Sanitizer is your interim protection agains Fungus and Bacterial Infections.  Spray shoes and feet with the Elim Spa Sanitizer to kill any odour causing bacteria on contact. 
Contains high alcohol content.