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How to Repair Cracked and Dry Heels

Have you bought all the products out there to try and repair your dry, cracked heels?

We have the solution for you that guarantees smooth heels.

Did you know by filing or blading the foot you are sending a message to your brain that you have an injury resulting in more callus development? 

Follow these steps instead to have smoother more healthy-looking heels:

  • Prepare your feet with a pumice stone. Keep this stone in the shower or bath and use with soap and water every second night.
  • We recommend using MediHeel tonic – Callus removal pack.  This is a chemical peel that removes all dead skin cells and leaves the foot feeling fresh and smooth.
  • Neutralize the skin – this will keep the heel from drying out. – also available in your Callus removal pack.
  • Use a good quality heel balm with actives and honey for maximum hydration. 
  • Massage your heels at night after a shower or bath. This way you will get maximum hydration.
  • Apply your foot Perfector every morning and every night. 

These 6 steps will guarantee smooth heels all year round, never skip a day without moisturizing your feet, remember they carry us around all day, it is therefore very important to hydrate them often and keep them soft.

If you are not comfortable doing the home treatment you may also opt for a professional MediHeel Pedicure, available at most of the leading spa’s or Salons.

Love your feet and give it the care you give your face daily. You will be surprised at how beautiful they will become.

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