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How do therapists Increase their Pedi-Treatments and Sales. 

Are you finding that the majority of your clients are only booking an express pedicure? 

The Elim team has a few pointers on how to increase your MediHeel pedicures and full pedicure treatment bookings. 

  1. Do not try to convert a client to a full pedicure or a MediHeel pedicure after they arrive. 
  2. When your client makes a reservation for a pedicure, ask your client what type of pedicure they would like. Is it a pedicure for relaxation with a foot massage or a corrective treatment to address their damaged heels. Let your client guide you so that you can sell him/her the correct pedicure treatment.
  3. Post before and after pictures of the MediHeel treatment that will inform and educate your client about the results of the Elim MediHeel pedicure treatments. 
  4. Inform your clients via WhatsApp with basic information about the pedicure treatments. Explain what will be covered in the pedicure treatment. See examples below:

If you want to find a review on this pedicure, have a look here Featured on CTInsider.

Rejuvenating Pedicure:

File, cut, cuticles, soak, sugar scrub, massage, cuticle oil and paint.

Corrective Pedicure:

Chemical Peel for heels, nail cutting and filing, AHA exfoliation, antibacterial soak, healing balm, cuticle treatment and paint finished with a gold dust.

Add your price to the pedicure treatments and remember Your MediHeel treatment should be nothing more than 10-15% more than your normal pedicure .

If you have any questions please contact us anytime or leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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