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Welcome to a brand new way of doing Pedicures.

The Elim MediHeel Pedicure was designed and formulated to offer you a superior system focussing on a restorative pedicure.  The system has 9 essential steps and guarantees a longer lasting result.

Why Choose the Elim MediHeel Pedicure?


At Elim we realized that not all clients have identical pedicure needs.  We designed a system that focuses on compromised areas but not leaving the relaxing experience behind. 

The system was designed to give you a long-lasting result on the feet, focussing on the dry area around the heel, hydrating nails and nourishing cuticles. There are also alternatives for bacterial infections, fungal infections on the nail and yellowing nails.

Overall a superior approach to pedicures with products containing facial grade ingredients.



alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant, Elim, south africa
ELIM SPA SANITIZER, Elim, south africa

MediHeel Callus Softening Kit

The Callus Softening Kit is developed to remove unwanted dead skin cells from the feet, containing an active callus remover, partnered with a PH neutralizer to return the skin to an ideal PH level after treatment. The Tonic formulation is a keratolytic alkaline solution that works to soften protein bonds in the skin resulting in easy removal of dead skin from the feet. The treatment only targets the outer layer of the skin and softens the cornea stratum, making it perfect to use on dry and cracked heels. This Kit is ideal for home use.

MediHeel Alpha Hydroxy Acid Foot Exfoliant

The AHA Foot Exfoliant uses a combination of glycolic & lactic acids to perform a luxurious peel and exfoliates with natural Jojoba oil beads and cellulose. As a part of the Elim MediHeel Pedicure System the AHA formulation is made up of various hydration actives that leave the feet and legs feeling nourished and smooth.

Elim Spa Sanitizer

It is important to maintain a sterile spa/salon atmosphere as a therapist. Elim Spa Sanitizer contains 70% alcohol to prevent bacterial microbes from spreading among your customers, yourself, and your spa or salon. Our Sanitizer is a strong disinfectant and virucidal making it ideal for use on hands, feet, implements, pedicure bowls, nail stations, and any other region that needs to be sanitized.

MediHeel Spa Additive

This antifungal foot soak was created with Tea Tree, Niaouli, and Rosemary Oil to specifically target bacteria that cause foot odour. This super additive is a natural antiseptic that fights fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and feet while also cleansing the feet and nails. The Elim Spa Additive improves blood supply and reduces swelling and puffiness. Bicarb of Soda and clear salt crystals serve as a carrier and neutralizer for the feet.

foot perfector, Elim, South africa

MediHeel Foot Perfector

The Elim MediHeel Foot Perfector has a unique moisture seal system which provides a variety of Vitamins and Oils to nourish and protect the feet. The MediHeel Foot Perfector provides extra hydration for the feet through the addition of Shea butter, Urea and honey while collagen reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles and enhances the overall look of the feet. Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 are also part of this miracle cream.
While your average heel balms remain oily after application, the Elim MediHeel Foot Perfector, thanks to its advanced gel powder technology, provides an oil free, anti-slip experience.

ELIM ULTRAMUD, Elim, South Africa

Elim UltraMud

A rich clay mask the purifies your feet and hands that. Elim UltraMud is rich in botanicals and specifically formulated with refined Bentonite clay to cleanse and restore the skin while the pure Coconut Oil nourishes and protects it. Honey, nature's own humectant, is added to hydrate the skin and maintain moisture.

Gold Spritz, Elim, South Africa

MediHeel Rejuvenating Gold Spritz

A fine scent with a splash of gold glitter. The ideal way to end your treatment or use on a regular basis to leave your skin glowing with gold. Adds a radiant glow to legs, arms, body, and hair.
   •    Geranium Oil encourages beautiful, radiant skin while also improving circulation.
   •    Glycerin is a hydrating agent that is non-toxic in nature.
   •    Urea is a humectant, aiding the skin in maintain its moisture. It also improves the barrier             function of the skin.
   •    A fine and opulent scent.

CuticleMD, Elim, South Africa

MediHeel Cuticle MD

The Elim Cuticle MD is an antibacterial cuticle rescue that contains a blend of ten essential oils to keep your cuticles in tip-top shape. Coconut Oil is at the core of the formulation and acts as a natural SPF for the nail and cuticle while also protecting against bacteria and fungi. 

MediHeel Fungal Force

The Elim Fungal Force is a revolutionary treatment that combines natural elements obtained from both science and nature. The treatment contains a strong antibacterial active (Tea Tree Oil and Triclocarban) as well as an acidity agent, Undecylenoyl Glycine, both which are used to block bacteria.

NailHardener, Elim, South Africa

MediHeel Nail Hardener

Long-term water exposure, continuous gel or acrylic applications, or a vitamin deficiency may all contribute to brittle nails. Elim Nail Hardener was scientifically designed to reinforce the keratin structure of the nail while also forming a protective shield over the nail, reducing chips and allowing soft nails to develop.

CuticleRemover, Elim, South Africa

MediHeel Cuticle Remover

The Cuticle Remover is a PH-balanced solution that works quickly to break down excess cuticles while simultaneously applying moisture with the added Almond Oil to help condition and soothe sensitive cuticles. It's ideal for pedicures and manicures. Cuticles are instantly softened making it easy to remove them so there is no need to soak.

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MediHeel Express Dry/Top Coat

This "dual-purpose" top coat helps to protect your nail polish while also hastening the drying time. Leaving a glossy finish and ensuring that the effect is durable and long-lasting. Elastins have been added to the varnish giving it room to stretch and prevent chipping after application.

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