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Elim Spa Products Natura


Elim Spa Products recently added a natural element to the range.  Elim Natura (Nah-tooh-rah) comes with 0 parabens, mineral oils, microparticles and is completely Vegan and Cruelty-Free.  Although everything is natural, no compromises were made on the development side and the range still stands firm in its luxurious and premium identity


Elim Spa Products Life Spritz

Elim Life Spritzers

The Elim Natura Life Spritzers will enhance your Yoga, Sauna, Pilates or holistic exercise routine.

The range caters for deep breathing, a heightened sensorial experience and deep relaxation. Simply spritz the Elim YogaSpritz on your hands, rub, cup your palms and inhale deeply. The Elim YogaSpritz can also be spritzed on your body, yoga mat, and your immediate surroundings.

Empower – Strength, Control & Confidence is Yours.

Breathe – Increase in Deep Intentional Breathing.

Relaxer – Calm & Balanced Body and Mind.

Enlighten – Awaken to your radical transformation.

Elim Spa Products Massage Balms

Massage Balms

Elim Massage Balms – Aromatic, skin-nourishing massage balms to leave the body and mind balanced and relaxed.

A Vegan, Cruelty-Free Massage Oil Range with Organic Almond, Grape Seed and Coconut Oils,  individually fragranced with uplifting essential Oils. The perfect superfood to keep your skin healthy. Make Self-Admiration Part of your everyday routine by investing in a self-massage.

Elim Spa Products Shower Oils

Soapless Shower Oils

Elim Soapless Shower Oils – Available in 3 premium scents, the Elim Shower Oil offers a  rich luxurious shower experience. Instead of stripping the skin, you will nourish, feed and protect the deeper layers of your skin, slowing down the ageing process.

Elim Spa Products Life Spritzer

Elim Life Spritzer – Relax

Calm & Balanced Body and Mind. 

Enhance the quality of your life with the Elim Relax Life Spritzer. This product is an organic blend of Lavender, Geranium and Citrus Oils suspended in a Colloidal Silver liquid elixir. It is the perfect health booster to use during exercise, at the office, in your car, before bedtime or in the bath or shower to give you a deep sense of relaxation. Can alternatively be used in a steam room or Sauna. 

For a more hands-on approach, our Stress Relief Massage Balm also targets relaxation.

Elim Spa Products Life Spritzer

Elim Life Spritzer – Enlighten

Awaken to a radical transformation. 

This product has a Colloidal Silver base and contains Cypress Oil which directly relates to the lymphatic system and has a cleansing action in the body, therefore gets rid of toxins. The second oil we added, Cedarwood, provides a myriad of benefits. Ancient tribes believed God held the energy of the Cosmos in the cedar and that the wood was sacred – gifting those worthy with power, greatness, and immortality. Do we need to say more? Finally Ylang-Ylang – an oil known to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve mood, and enhance the libido, was added.

Elim Spa Products Life Spritzer

Elim Life Spritzer – Breathe

Increase Deep Intentional Breathing. 

There is nothing more important than breath. 

With the Elim Breathe Spritzer you are encouraged to breathe with deep intentional breaths. The ingredients are Menthol, Lemon and Citrus Oils, which are the ideal combination of Essential Oils to combine with Colloidal Silver – a mineral that has been proven to fight bronchitis and pneumonia. A super blend for deep inhalation. 

For better breathing, also have a look at our Bath & Shower Oil For Better Breathing.

Elim Spa Products Life Spritzer

Elim Life Spritzer – Empower

Strength, Control & Confidence is Yours. 

Enhance the quality of your life.

This product contains Ginger Oil, which earned the nickname “oil of empowerment” due to its ability to instill feelings of confidence. Added to the blend is Bergamot – an oil commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate mood and alleviate stress. Finally, Naartjie Oil & Sweet Orange Oil was blended in. Both these Citrus oils are often used in aromatherapy applications to address anxiety, release stress and enhance your mood. All Elim Life Spritzers have a Colloidal Silver base, which generally enhances health.

Need some more confidence? Our Gold Spritz provides the radiance you need.

Elim Spa Products Allergy Relief Massage Balm

Allergy Relief Massage Balm

Treat Allergies the natural way.

When the seasons change and it simply gets too much, you need the Allergy Relief Massage Balm with Lavender Oil – a natural antihistamine that possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties to treat and relieve most allergic reactions, as well as Eucalyptus Oil that will help your congestion. The cooling sensation you experience while breathing it in may also help you feel relief from seasonal allergies.

Also have a look at our Bath & Shower Oil For Skin Allergies.


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