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Why bees are important to Elim.

Have you seen the little bee icon on our products? Wondering what it stands for? We get asked all the time. Some people think Elim are honey farmers, others think we make our own wax for products, but it is so much more. I, Shantelle (founder of Elim) am passionate about bees. I understand their importance and my mission with the bee foundation is to protect them and create awareness of their importance. I also personally grow bee populations. And yes, they are in trouble. Read to the end to see how you can help grow the bees on our planet.


Why all the fuss about Bees?

They are very important little insects because they pollinate our food crops. They carry the pollen from one plant flower to the other, fertilizing the plants so that they can produce fruit, vegetables, etc.

If the trees are not pollinated they will still grow but will not produce fruit.

Can you imagine the impact the extinction of bees will have on our global food supply?

What is threatening them?

Urban developments are taking over nature but this can still be managed if we just keep on establishing new hives.

Pesticides are killing “bad” insects but at the same time the bees who are there to work, suffer.

Some interesting facts about our little bee friends.

  • An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. Think about that the next time you enjoy their sweet gift to the world and just appreciate what they do.
  • The hexagonal shape of the comb is super-efficient. The pattern allows for the cells to be packed with no empty space between them. Though the wax is delicate the structure of the hexagonal cells can hold a tremendous amount of weight, making it super strong.
  • Bees are able to flap their wings around 200 times a second! |Why? Do evaporate all water in the hive and to keep the hive cool and circulate the air in the hive.

Ok, I am convinced. What can I do to help?

You know, it is much much easier to keep a hive than you might think. You can buy a beehive with a colony and a queen and place it in your garden. This will give them a happy place. Make sure there are trees, plants or flowers, and some water, and place your hive facing the sun in the morning. This will wake them up early to get to work….

As the population grows, you simply add more layers (called supers) to your hive to house more bee friends. You can also harvest the honey yourself and you will be perfectly protected if you wear your bee suit.

Here are some great resources if you want to get started. Anybody can do it. I did.


Online Bee Store

Getting a Starter Kit

Watch a first-timer explain it all.

Follow Doug the Bee Guy

Equipment Purchasing

For More information you can find our products on

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