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Just found out you are expecting? We have great news. At Elim we believe in the value of your skin and protecting its natural mechanisms. This is exactly why we designed a system to protect your skin during this crucial time.
During the second trimester your skin will start to expand radically. For some of us this might start earlier. By this time your skin needs to be fully equipped with the correct elastin’s to allow it to fully expand and conract.

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Protect your Bump:
The good news is that your body is ready for this and you have a natural oil layer on the skin that will allow your skin to expand enough. The problem is that we often remove the natural oil layer with soap. When the skin starts to expand now, stretch marks will form and the skin will tear. This is very difficult to get rid of and using a normal water base cream on your skin will not give it the nourishment it needs.
It is of vital importance that you feed your skin the right food during this time. Nourish it with the correct vitamins and minerals. We designed 4 products with exactly what you need in our Elim Anti-Stretch mark Kit. You use a soap free shower oil (they are available in 3 delightful fragrances. Coco butter, a fine French fragrance and freshly cut grass that will remind you of your childhood days when you rolled in fresh grass).
Then the Shimmering Body Polish – an exfoliator for the shower with oil beads and a lovely silver shimmer.
The Argan Dry oil with 10 different oils your body needs in one bottle. This oil is also dry and you can spritz it, so no staining of your clothes.
And finally the ultra nourishing Restorative Cream with everything from collagen to Vit E in it. A Cream that can be applied during the day or night to allow the skin that extra elasticity it requires.


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