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Anti Fungal Nail Kit with Cuticle MD 10ml

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To get rid of nail fungi, we have included an active against fungi, an antiseptic, as well as an antibacterial agent to clean your equipment and environment – all in one kit for your convenience. A moisturizing oil has also been added to protect the nail from drying and cracking.

Treating the fungus as an isolated problem can often result in failure and that is why Elim put together a kit to ensure you cover all the related problems.  When treating a nail fungus, one has to treat the area the nail comes into contact. Nail Fungus thrives in dark damp areas like shoes and that is why we recommend the use of the Spa Sanitizer in the shoes if the fungus is on the toenail.

If the fungus is on the hand, it is still important to sanitize the area constantly throughout the day to stop cross-contamination so that the hand gets into contact.

The Spa Additive is an anti-bacterial soak. For convenience and ease of use, we suggest you add a plastic bowl that you are comfortable standing in, to your shower. Add one teaspoon of Spa Additive to this bowl before turning on your shower. Stand in this bowel while you take your shower either in the morning or at night. This will ensure that your feet get the benefit from the anti-bacterial agents for at least 5-10 minutes. If you do have the convenience of a foot bath, you may use this instead and soak the feet in the footbath.

Cuticle MD – Often when Nail Fungus is treated with strong actives we see that the nail dries out, this is why we added a nourishing and healing Oil to your Kit, This Oil contains Coconut Oil, Citrus Oil, Vit E, Grapeseed Oil, Arnica Oil, Calendula, Biruti Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Soybean Oil with Tiare Flower Extract. All in one bottle for the health of your nails.



To get rid of nail fungi, you need an active against Fungi, a Virucidal, an anti bacterial agent and an oil to protect the nail from drying and cracking again. This kit has it all.


9 reviews for Anti Fungal Nail Kit with Cuticle MD 10ml

  1. Tanya

    Excellent product it’s really easy to use and leaves your feet feeling amazing. Excellent service. Would definitely recommend

  2. Meagan Johnson

    Its been a while since I’ve been confident enough to wear open shoes. Thanks Elim

  3. Milanie Jacobs

    Nobody wants foot fungus because dang, you just don’t get rid of it. It’s like having frikkin lice. Anyway, this product works – thank goodness! Take note – it’s VERY strong!

  4. Michelle Van Der Merwe

    Ive tried many products, and finally found ONE that actually works. I love this kit.

  5. Beata

    Arrived quickly, definitely works

  6. Christel Du Plessis

    My husband works in safety boots everyday , this products are absolutely incredible.

  7. Bianca De Vries

    if you stick to the product, it works.

  8. Tania Mostert

    works effectively

  9. Hayley

    I would like a antifungal nail kit…I want to purchase through payflex….how do I go about it

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