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Anti Fungal Nail Treatment Kit


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To get rid of nail fungi, we have included a Spa Sanitizer and a strong active Fungal Force solution that’s been refined to perfection. This powerful combination of ingredients eliminates nail and foot fungus in the shortest time possible – all in one kit for your convenience.

Treating the fungus as an isolated problem can often result in failure and that is why Elim put together a kit to ensure you cover all the related problems.  When treating a nail fungus, one has to treat the area the nail comes into contact. Nail Fungus thrives in dark damp areas like shoes and that is why we recommend the use of the Spa Sanitizer in the shoes if the fungus is on the toenail.

If the fungus is on the hand, it is still important to sanitize the area constantly throughout the day to stop cross-contamination.

The Elim Fungal Force is a radical treatment combining the natural forces of Science and Nature. Treatment includes a strong antibacterial active (Tea Tree Oil and Triclocarban) and an acidity agent, Undecylenoyl Glycine, to block any bacteria.