Stretch Mark Prevention


When the skin grows during teen years or pregnancy, it needs elasticity that is provided by the natural oils on your body.  When using soap, these oils are removed and when the skin grows and stretches, a stretch mark will form.


Avoiding soap is the first step in preventing a stretch mark, use the restorative cream every night and the Argan Body Gloss during the day on the buttocks, breast and belly area.  For young boys this can be the lower back area where rapid growth happens and teen girls, inner thighs.
Compliment this with the Elim Soapless shower Oil and Soapless Exfoliating Body Polish.

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BodyScience Restorative Body Cream

Exfoliating Body Polish

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A rich indulgent cream that restores the body and firms the skin simultaneously. Your Restorative Body Cream will protect the skin from environmental pollution while plant extracts and bio-minerals will firm the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and contains powerful anti-inflammatory action. Although it is aimed at Pregnant clients, we recommend the use of the Restorative Body Cream to growing teenagers and clients with extremely dry skin.

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A natural nutrient-rich exfoliating polish leaving the skin invigorated and luminous. We have added a bit of shimmer, for that luxurious glamorous look. Elim Exfoliating Body Polish will gently remove all the dead skin cells with eco friendly pearls, while leaving a rich smooth sensation. Contains a blend of natural oils to hydrate the skin.

Shower Oil


Awaken your senses with the nostalgia of freshly cut grass.  Enter your day with a positive memory of playfulness. A nutrient rich blend of Vit E, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Grape Seed Oils.  All products are responsibly sourced and Vegan.  Massage your body under running water with the Deep Penetrating Elim Shower Oil, rinse with water and dry.

Argan Body Gloss


Leaves the skin velvety smooth, radiant and glossy. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals while nutritional Argan oil increases elasticity and fights skin allergies. Contains Calendula, Rose, Arnica and Vitamin E oils. This product is safe to use on your face and body. The BodyScience Argan Body Gloss is a fast absorbing dry oil spray for instant hydration.

Stretch Mark Protection Kit for Teens

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The 3 step Elim Pack specifically designed for Teens or Young adolescents has 3 important products to maximize your teens skin elasticity. 45% Of Stretch Marks are formed during puberty and preventing stretch marks is much easier than eliminating them after they appear.

Pregnancy Survival Kit

Pregnancy Survival Kit Your Defense against Stretch Marks Elim BodyScience.jpg

The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy Survival Kit is your go-to for all your pregnancy beauty care needs. Containing 4 essential soap-free products, this kit will have you feeling beautiful and leave your skin well-hydrated.

The Elim BodyScience Pregnancy Survival Kit has a strict no-soap foundation. This is because using soap on the skin during pregnancy removes the skin’s natural ability to stretch.  BodyScience is a natural and nutrient-rich system for women going through pregnancy or puberty.