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What do Cuticles say about your health.

Your cuticles can be a very clear indicator of health in the overall body and is often a reflection of what goes on in the body. In this article, I will answer many questions I often get asked about cuticles, why we have them, how to keep them healthy and what they say about your health.

What is causing these unhealthy, dry cuticles is often misunderstood.

5 things that cause dry cuticles.

  • Excessive Cold
  • Exposure to too much sun
  • Working with Chloride
  • Overexposure to Salty or Soapy Water
  • Dehydration

Further research published by medicalnewstoday also blames Zinc deficiencies for inflammation of the cuticle.

Cuticle inflammation and paronychia –

The cuticle is dead skin that a person can see at the base of the nail. Zinc deficiency can cause the cuticle to become inflamed.

Paronychia occurs when there is an infection around the nail.

According to research, it was also found that a lack of Vit B 5 – Niacin can be the cause of unhealthy cuticles.

Another internal healthy indicator is a mild iron deficiency.

People suffering from Psoriasis which is an autoimmune deficiency also experience redness around the fingernail and patients suffering from eczema have also reported dryness around the nail area.

5 things you can do to cure your cuticles.

  • Use a good quality Cuticle Oil. We recommend the Elim Cuticle MD which contains the following oils. (Grape Seed, Calendula, Almond, Arnica, Vit E, Coconut, Citrus, Biruti Oil, and Tiara Flower Extract. This combination will supply the correct nourishment and also bring healing to torn and broken cuticles.
  • Use Hand Cream after you wash your hands. We recommend a nutrient-rich hand cream – Ultra Rich Hand Therapy.
  • Wear gloves in the winter when you are exposed to extreme weather conditions.
  • Take all your Vitamins and Minerals, stay on a healthy diet, and eat more foods with zinc and vitamin E like spinach and salmon.
  • Do not cut your cuticles, when you go for nail treatments and your therapist is tempted to cut the cuticles, ask her to rather use a mild cuticle remover and gently push them back with a wooden orange stick. We recommend using the Elim Cuticle Remover which will dissolve cuticles in a few seconds. This product also has a PH neutralizing function that helps with the health of the cuticles.
Dry and unhealthy cuticles can be the cause of many things.
For more information on any of the products mentioned in this article, you can contact or read more on our blog.

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